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Irma Bučinskaitė



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I'm Irma, a former professional handball player. Now sports takes a big part of my life, but also, I'm interested in finances, HR solutions, tech-savvy and data-driven mindset, and a strong enthusiasm to solve challenges for the common good.
💭 As I say: "The main goal to me is to hear the client's problem and find a solution for it."
💼 Others are truly calling me the employee benefits, remunerations, and HR solutions "guru". For more than 15 years I'm advising Lithuanian and international companies in searching, and implementing various personnel solutions.
💢 However, the industry has a severe problem - many companies spend a lot of money and time looking for the best benefits for their employees, and, in most cases, these benefits' packages do not meet their employees' expectations.
💡 But I had found a way to solve it.
Together with the co-founder we decided to establish benme - employees benefits and suppliers management SaaS platform, that helps companies to save numerous amounts of resources and provide their employees with the best benefits, without any tradeoffs.
❗️ According to our clients' historical data, the solution can cut you up to 90% of the company's benefits administration expenses.