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Currently, I'm an architect - I create coding standards & decide what is secure and what is not. Earlier, I spent 3 years (2011-2014) in Silicon Valley, San Francisco & Sydney, built there funded IT startups & worked in medium-size corporation.

Space technologies, Automotive technologies, Rental/Booking technologies, Travel industry, Coding Standards, Cryptography, Cybersecurity, Photography/Fashion industry, Underground Transportation, Shared Economy

1. First of all - I'm an experienced full-stack software architect. This means, that I create coding standards and decide what is secure and what is not.

2. Also I do contribute a lot to open-source and authors-based Envato communities, as well as I do attend their yearly conferences and local events.

3. I do work with server management and web hosting solutions on Ubuntu, DirectAdmin, Azure, Amazon AWS technologies since 2010, when I started my own web hosting, and which was just recently moved to much more solid data-center with much more solid partners, and is getting his new version/design next year.
So this means, that I can set-up EU-based a dual-VPS with DirectAdmin, MariaDB and Ubuntu Server, with 10 GiB +5 GiB RAM, 2x250 GiB +2x100 GiB NPM RAID storage drives, with 1 Gbps throughput, firewall, brute-force monitor, full e-mail control via RoundCube for only 80 USD/mo, that will be able to handle up to 1M views/day, and will be able to fight-back/block small DDoS attacks. Compared to 1000 USD / mo of same services from Amazon AWS + Google G-Suite, that is a lot of saving.

4. I know a lot about cybersecurity, cryptography and http-secured. My master thesis in Vilnius University is about Internet Voting, which is digital democracy goal, and where the security has to be at the top level.

5. I know a lot about relational databases - MySQL and MariaDB, how to scale them (scale-up or scale-out), how to clone them, how to optimize them, use Normal Forms, do indexing, caching, how to apply BCNF standard etc.

6. Primary I write hi-end, scalable, & object-oriented MVC code in PHP programming language, based on S.O.L.I.D. principle, with some JavaScript and CSS4. I mainly use GitHub and SVN for code repositories, and PHPStorm IDE from JetBrains. For my code I apply leading coding standards, best practices and design patterns.

1. I know lot of legal (like GDPR, patenting, DCMA notices, copyrights, trademarks, NDA's and licensing), administration, taxation (like VAT MOSS) and accountancy (like ITAX.LT application) related-things about starting and running a company in European Union. This allows me to start a company with 35 EURos in 3 days, that would have almost zero maintenance fees if not actively used, and accounting for a whole year costs only 600 USD for fully working company up to 10 people, that does not even has to be hired as employees, but can work as a board members.

1. I know a lot about leading the teams of up to 30 people, managing communities, organizing IT and media events and hackathons.

2. I founded a web developers community in Lithuania back in 2006, which is now grown to nearly 30,000 web developers and designers, and in 2014 I founded a photographers community in Lithuania that now has over 2000 members. Also in 2015 I founded Facebook-based startups and small businesses community in Lithuania, that now has over 2000 executives from startups, venture capitals and governmental organizations.

3. I successfully organized a biggest summer hackathon of 2014 in Baltics, with the support from Microsoft, Mozilla, Vilnius University and governmental organization called "Enterprise Lithuania", that attracted over 70 developers for a weekend to complete for the HackerRank standings.

4. While in summer of 2015 with the support of Vilnius City Municipality, and one of the biggest logistics company in Baltics - DPD Lithuania,
I succeeded to organize an event for startups, governmental organizations and venture capital in one of the main public square of Vilnius, that attracted over 200 visitors from over 120 companies.

I'm running a small businesses since 2006, I'm a project lead on list of projects since March, 2006 (with a 3 years break in 2011-2014) and a CEO of the company established in Lithuania since October, 2014. 2/3 of all my hires and partnerships lasted or keep lasting for over 2 years, with majority of them being on agreement of 2+3 years, with some continued over 10 years in total, so I believe that I'm successful in building a stable, long-term relationships with majority of my team members, co-founders and partners. On the other side, I have a short list of those partners, co-founders and team-mates, by being a really careful and picky choosing them - this covers everything from interns to other executives.

We have a really nice office / co-working space there in Sunrise Valley, which is next to many of VU faculties, VU library and we do help our interns to combine studies and their continuous internship for the 3th-4th year bachelor's & 1st/2nd year master's degree students in Computer Science (CS), Information Technology (IT) or Software Engineering (SE) study fields. As well as we do give shares for all who stay longer with our company! So you are not just working for someone, you are developing something for yourself, that will pay back you in the future.