One of the most effective ways to share experience and cultivate talents. The ongoing process by which a Mentor passes on life and professional examples to his/her mentee and also helps, supports, guides and motivates in achieving the goals.

There is remarkably too much untapped human potential in the world. We see two causes of this sad consequence: 49% of those working struggle trying to discover a professional passion, while the other part does not share the discovered passion with others, i.e., they keep the accumulated experience and competence only for themselves.

To solve this problem, we have created the idialogue solution – an open, free-of-charge and uninterruptedly operating career mentorship platform. With its help, we bring together people with different experiences, but similar interests for three months of communication. The final results are inspiring: the Mentee gets answers that encourage him/her to act, and act purposefully, and the Mentor realises his/her experience and develops leadership skills.

It is said that to become an expert in absolutely any professional field, a person must devote 10,000 hours to continuous practice. We firmly believe in the power of perseverance and will, but we question 10,000 hours. And it turns out to be not in vain: now we know strongly that once a professional passion is discovered and there is a professional in the field nearby, the journey of 10,000 hours becomes remarkably shorter.

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