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Kodėl brandaus amžiaus žmonės turėtų būti laukiami darbo rinkoje ir pasitikėti savimi?
Dirbti su amžiumi įvairia komanda, tiesiog reiškia darbą su skirtingais žmonėmis. Visgi stereotipai ir nuostatos dėl amžiaus yra gajūs darbo rinkoje, nes skirtingo amžiaus žmonės atsineša skirtingas kompetencijas, požiūrį į gyvenimą ir ateities planus.
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neringa Practical advice
Marketer's guide on how to be creative in a complex industry
Marketers, it is a hard truth but today staying ahead of the curve requires more than just a mastery of conventional marketing strategies. Knowing when to post and how to include CTA sentences is not enough. Moreover, if you add a complex industry such as cybersecurity to it, well.. good luck driving sales and creating engagement around the brand's name. 
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neringa Practical advice
Karjeros pokytis - kaip apie jį komunikuoti LinkedIn'e?
Ne paslaptis, kad LinkedIn socialinis tinklas atveria galimybes užmegzti vertingus ryšius su profesionalais nepriklausomai nuo jų lokacijos ar industrijos. Jei ketini keisti darbovietę ar savo karjeros kryptį, optimizuotas LinkedIn profilis ir reguliariai kuriamas turinys gali prisidėti prie sklandesnio ir greitesnio starto.
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75% of the most successful world leaders pointed out the presence of Mentor as a factor that played a key role in their careers. By sharing their experience, insights and recommendations, they help to go the road to success not only faster, but also more productively by increasing competitiveness, raising competence, expanding the network of acquaintances, and discovering new opportunities. There is a natural question: are you really still hesitating?

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One of our Mentors once said: “If you want to add some water to a full glass, you have to pour out some from it”. So, the best way to learn is to teach others. By doing so successfully, with constant support from the idialogue team, our Mentors not only develop personal leadership, learn new things and expand their network of acquaintances, but also strengthen their brand and market awareness as a successful professional. Is it time?

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