I want to be a Mentor


One of the most effective ways to share experience and cultivate talents. The ongoing process by which a Mentor passes on life and professional examples to his/her Mentee and also helps, supports, guides and motivates in achieving the goals.

Time to become a Mentor

Benefits to the Mentor

  • Support. We will train you for mentorship by providing you with theoretical information, practical advices and online Q&A.
  • Satisfaction. Strong self and career confidence.
  • Personal image. You will have the opportunity to write articles, participate in external events, conduct trainings, etc
  • Leadership development. You will develop your leadership skills.
  • Influencing. You will be happy to contribute to the growth of another person and influencing him/her.
  • Networking. You will expand your circle of acquaintances.
  • Latest knowledge. You will have the opportunity to participate in Mentors’ regular trainings.
  • New experience.  You will share your personal experience and learn something new.
  • Professionalism. Voluntary sharing of experience is an attribute of a mature professional.


idialogue Mentor

An enthusiast in his/her field who:

  • Has at least three years of experience in the professional field.
  • Can set aside one hour a month for a meeting with the Mentee.
  • Is motivated to share relevant experiences and help to achieve the Mentee’s goals.
  • What are the benefits for a Mentee?
  • Achieve his/her personal career goals faster.
  • Make less mistakes and will be more focused.
  • Develop individual skills.
  • Discover new career opportunities.
  • Learn from the experiences of others.
  • Expand the circle of his/her acquaintances.


  • How does everything work?

    Within 48 hours after registration, you will receive a confirmation of your profile and become a public and visible to all at idialogue. Then all you have to do is to wait for an invitation from a Mentee who will reach you by e-mail, make a “Yes” or “No” decision and to start mentorship.

  • How to prepare for mentorship?

    After registration, you will find the principles of mentorship and the components of success on the platform itself. Also, you will be connected to the Mentors’ group, so support is guaranteed!

  • How long does mentorship last?

    With one Mentee, up to three months.

  • What tools and channels will I communicate through?

    How convenient it is for you – live meetings, e-mail, Skype, calls, or other.

  • What is needed for mentorship to be successful?

    Knowledge of your area, willingness to share, and a motivated Mentee.

  • Will I be able to suspend mentorship during the process?

    Sure! If plans change urgently, the Mentee fails to adhere to his/her responsibilities, or the goals are achieved earlier than within three months, it will always be possible to suspend mentorship.