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One of the most effective ways to share experience and cultivate talents. The ongoing process by which a Mentor passes on life and professional examples to his/her Mentee and also helps, supports, guides and motivates in achieving the goals.

idialogue Mentee

A future or already skilled professional who is:

  • Motivated.
  • Interested in professional growth and continuous improvement.
  • Looking for knowledge and experience resources for stronger and more focused steps forward.


Time to improve

Benefits for idialogue mentee:

  • Support. We will train you for mentorship by providing you with theoretical information, pratical advices and online Q&A.
  • New opportunities. You will discover new opportunities, because motivated participants are recommended by Mentors to others, introduce them to professional growth opportunities, and so on.
  • Networking. You will expand your circle of acquaintances.
  • Achieving goals. You will achieve your personal career goals faster and more productively.
  • Support. The Mentor will support you in difficulty, encourage you when you lack motivation, and direct you when you get lost at a crossroads.

  • Professionalism. Having a Mentor is an attribute of a progressive professional.

  • Personal growth. You will develop knowledge and skills competencies and so strengthen your competitiveness in the labour market.
  • Confidence building. The opportunity to learn from a more experienced professional increases self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Recognition.   Distinctiveness in the social space and among friends.


idialogue Mentee’s responsibilities

  • Demonstrate motivation and have a clear goal.
  • Adhere to the most responsible work ethics and feel personal responsibility for your own success.
  • Be able to receive constructive feedback and be open.
  • Trust the Mentor and adhere to confidentiality agreements.


idialogue Mentor

An enthusiast in his/her field who:

  • Has at least three years of experience in the professional field.
  • Can set aside one hour a month for a meeting with the Mentee.
  • Is motivated to share relevant experiences and help to achieve the Mentee’s goals.
  • How does everything work?

    After registration you can start selecting any of the Mentors. After formulating the goal and sending an invitation through the platform, you will receive the Mentor’s “Yes” or “No” to the indicated e-mail address within 48 hours. In case of a positive answer, your responsibility will be to contact him/her within 48 hours.

  • How to prepare for mentorship?

    After registration, you will find the principles of mentorship and the components of success on the platform itself, so help is guaranteed!

  • How long does mentorship last?

    With one Mentee, up to three months.

  • What tools and channels will I communicate through?

    How convenient it is for you – live meetings, e-mail, Skype, calls, or other.

  • What is needed for mentorship to be successful?

    Knowledge of the goal, responsible preparation for meetings, and the Mentor’s related experience.

  • Will I be able to suspend mentorship during the process?

    The answer is firmly positive: if plans change urgently or the goals are achieved earlier than within three months, it is always possible to suspend mentorship.

  • Who is responsible for the process?

    Sure, it is you who is responsible for showing initiative, organising meetings, conducting them, etc.

  • What is the difference between mentorship and consulting?

    1. In mentorship, personal experiences are shared, so the responsibility for the decision is left to the Mentee himself/herself. It is in contrast to consulting, where an expert in a particular field instructs what and how to do. Mentorship is a free and unpaid activity, while in consulting, the consultant’s decisions and responsibilities are payable.
    2. Mentorystė yra nemokama ir neatlygintina veikla, o konsultavime už konsultanto sprendimus ir jų atsakomybę yra mokama.
  • Can I be a Mentor?

    If you meet the requirements for a Mentor, you must! The best leaders not only can teach, but also train. I want to become a Mentor.

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