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Stepas Toliautas



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Students: read below for more info.
I am an unashamed scientist who tends to try and make computers work instead of myself... to have time left for questions like:
* Is being a scientist worth it? Should you be one?
* What are useful skills and competences for researcher (in science or business) and how to acquire them?
* What are useful tools and means for researcher (in science or business) and how to find them?
* Can computers solve my questions / problems and how to learn to ask them?
Successful researchers usually already have strong opinions on many of these questions... while mentoring can be a process of finding your own opinion!

My research subjects at Vilnius University:
Computational chemical physics, quantum chemistry, i. e. modelling of processes in molecules and molecular compounds using methods of physical quantum theory.
Development, implementation and optimization of said methods (in particular, density functional theory) using high-performance computing (HPC) resources.
Other computational algorithms and techniques (numerical methods, artificial intelligence).

Personally, I'm drawn to anything and everything related to music (and sound in general). Other interests include learning/ teaching psychology, reality-grounded science fiction, basketball, long walks/ distance running.