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My personal belief is that the only constant in life is change. Over 10 years of extensive professional and personal experience provides me with an edge to adapt in the dynamically (ever) changing world - and... deliver results.

Professionally I have been working either in international companies or for international clients. Significant knowledge comes from my experiences at MANILLA, Citco and EY. During my career had a great opportunity to work in teams with extraordinary and knowledgeable people on number of different projects including but not limited to:
- Entering international markets with existing products (skincare)
- Establishing and fostering successful business relationships
- Process review and improvement (from product development, to financial services)
- Key performance improvement
- People performance management and hiring
- Planning, analysis and control of business partners network (distributors, retailers, wholesalers, outsourced financial services)
- Tax optimization
- Legal dispute management
- Regulatory environment valuation (with focus on e-invoices)
- Transfer pricing
- Assurance and audit
- Company, country and sector specific analysis